Kyogle Golf Club Cadets.

When you think of the little ones playing sport golf probably isn’t the first thing that pops into your head! Golf is an extremely positive sport that will provide your children with a long list of benefits and life long skills!
Here are 5 reasons why your child should play golf: –


When you get your children involved in any sport you want to make sure they are having a whole lot of fun! Golf is a positive sport that encourages a positive mindset – PLUS provides a lot of excitement and thrill in every game!

Life Lessons

When your child starts to learn golf they are not just learning about a sport they are learning valuable life lessons! Not only will they learn good manners and patience but they will also learn about sportsmanship, concentration and discipline.

Prepare for the future

Golf is a game for people of all ages! Your child will benefit from playing golf in the future – such as participating during those charity golf days at work or even playing socially on the weekends. Golf can improve your child’s discipline by teaching them that practice pays off and the importance of being focused.

Spend time with family

Golf is a sport not just for the grownups but for the whole family – it’s a fantastic way to bond with your children and have something outside of the home that you can all enjoy as a family, even if it is just having a round of mini golf together!

Staying active

You might not think it but golf is a fantastic way to stay active and healthy! Walking a nine-course and carrying your golf bag can burn a whole load of calories! Golf also encourages the kids to step outside and enjoy their surroundings.

Kyogle Golf Club Cadets.

Kyogle Golf Club Cadets, from Tiny Tots to teenagers, a great opportunity to get your children into a healthy, active non contact sport.

President: John Castledine
Secretary: Tracey Walters
Treasurer: Karie Graham

Interested juniors, please come and have a try, the more the merrier.
For further info please call 0427 145 905