Office Bearers

Patrons: Tony Perrin, Jim Hurley, John Grove, Dorothy Brown


President: Collin Griffins
Vice Presidents: Cheryl Olive, Kelly O'Reilly
Treasurer: Marty Trouw
Secretary: Mary Garred
Captain: Peter Allen
Vice Captain: Peter Shipanski
Committee: Margaret Murray (Ladies)
John Doyle (Vets)

Kyogle Womens Golf Office Bearers 2018
President: Margaret Murray 66322813
Vice-Presidents: Cheryl Olive 66321121
Tracey Scarrabelotti 0429663637 6
Secretary: Peg Griffiths 6632 1980
Treasurer: Adele Harris 0411515691
Captain: Leanne Ivanusa 6632 2586
Vice-Captain: Raema Perkins 66322662
Handicap Manager: Lesley Sweeney 66335111

Committee: Yvonne O’Reilly, Sue McInnes, Barbara Creighton,
Mary Garred, Roma Reidy and Lorraine Slater

Veteran’s Rep: Peg Griffiths

Match Committee: Leanne Ivanusa (Captain), Raema Perkins (Vice Captain),
Lesley Sweeney (Handicap Manager), Mary Garred, Barbara Creighton

Greens Committee Rules

Please avoid walking up the face of bunkers, leave bunker by
the path you entered and rake out all marks. Be careful when
replacing flagstick, to avoid damaging hole. Do not walk
near the edge of hole when putting, removing your ball
or replacing stick

Golf Cart Rules

1. If your cart is driven by someone else, the rules are to be
displayed prominently in the cart.
2. Do not drive carts across the front of the clubhouse.
3. Do not drive carts within 5 metres of any green.
4. Do not drive carts on any tee.
5. When driving from tees to greens, or greens to tees, drive
only paths, if provided.
6. Do not drive between 5th green and tee on left. Drive only
between green and trees on right.
7. Do not drive across 5th/14th fairway, when leaving 15th tee.
8. Do not drive across 3rd/12th fairway when leaving the
green. Drive to the right of 17th green along path provided.

These rules are for the protection of golfers and the golf course

Match Committee Rules

1. The rules of golf apply to all competitions. Players should
aquaint themselves with the rules, particularly where
disqualification is the penalty. Rules of Golf handbooks are
available from the club.

2. Practice is not permitted on the course, except on the area
near the mens 17th tee. Practice rounds are permitted
using 2 golf balls in play, only.

3. It is the player's responsibility to ensure the card is filled out
correctly. Protests should be brought to the attention of the
the match committee prior to the declaration of competitions.
All match committee decisions are final.

5. It is the responsibility of the lowest marker, in the group, to
ensure the group play without holding up the field. Call
through any following groups if yours is delaying the
competition. Cards should be marked at the next tee, not at
the completed green.

Conditions Of Play

In the event of ties, for donated and club trophies, winners will be
decided by count-back, for Championships gross winners will be
decided by a playoff.

Championship Conditions

The Club Championship is played over four 18 hole stroke
rounds. Overall best gross to be Club Champion. Original
handicap to apply for all rounds. Players may only receive
one championship trophy. Gross score takes precedence.
Championship competitions will be as per programme,
unless the course is closed, where the round maybe